Our Process

Software development isn't like homebuilding.

At least, not in the way that people usually make the comparison. We talk about laying the foundation, connecting the plumbing, etc. because we can relate to construction-oriented concepts like that.

But software isn't made of concrete and pipe. In reality, it's far more complex — but it's also far more flexible. Our process uses this flexibility as leverage to get your product to market faster.

If you want to think about software development in homebuilding terms, it might look more like this:

  1. You need shelter, so we build you a tent. It works for now, so you move in.
  2. When you outgrow the tent, we remodel it into a small house... while you're still living in it.
  3. Your needs continue to grow, and we continue to transform your house while you continue living there.
  4. After a while, you realize that your house is no longer tent-like at all. It's exactly what you need, though you never could have imagined it at the outset.

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